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I’m on a journey- aren’t we all?  I’ve committed my life to loving, serving and understanding God and people to the best of my human ability.  I’ve never liked labels or making any kind of distinction that separates me from anyone else- I never became a pastor because I’d rather just be me than pastor me; I own a business, but I’ve never thought of myself as a boss; I’ve always avoided any display of position or title that would create a distinction between myself and others.

But I am a gay Christian.  Gay because my biological sexual orientation makes me attracted to men rather than women, and Christian because I love Jesus with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.  Despite my best efforts to prevent titles and labels from defining me, it seems they do- more for others than myself, but we can’t control others, and that’s ok.

The label is as new for me as it is for most people, because the commonly held belief is that the two can’t coexist.  When it comes to the “Gay vs. Christian debate,” that’s typically exactly what it is- a debate that pits one “side” against the other, driving a wedge that drives the “opponents” further and further apart.  I started this blog because I think it’s important to share the perspective of someone who thinks it doesn’t have to be this way.

My hope is that this blog can help Christians understand the gay community, help the gay community understand Christians, and help gay Christians understand themselves.  I’ve never been afraid to say it like it is (or at least how I see it), so I will always try my best to be brutally honest and transparent.  My blog will share personal experience, Biblical and theological studies, scientific and psychological research relevant to the conversation, and opinions that seek to enable deeper understanding of everyone involved.

Life is a journey, and we shouldn’t go it alone.  Everyone is welcome to join me on my journey by following or interacting with my blog as much as they’d like.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there my friend (I couldn’t find your name).
    I just read your Tides are Turning blog. Really enjoyed it. My grandson (senior in HS) just attended a Young Life meeting last night for the first time, as his new girlfriend is a pastor’s daughter. I knew a bit about the organization, I’ve known some people that have been involved in the past, but I thought, WTF, I’ll take another glance, and somehow I ran into your blog. Very good stuff. You said somewhere, “It is no longer the volunteer pastor, formally trained in Biblical interpretation, theology and Pastoral Ministry, through whom God has effectively worked to successfully minister to hundreds of unchurched families in one of the most “exclusive” communities in America and happens to be gay that has to be afraid to share his beliefs.” My question is, where did you go to school? And, what is the “exclusive” community you are referring too? I assume it’s Bellevue, WA. My old home town. Where I was first asked to attend a youth group meeting, also by a pastor’s daughter, who I was totally infatuated with!!! I was 100% involved in the church, as a born again Christian for 10 years, also, received biblical theological training (Multnomah University). I am at present, a God-fearing atheist, who is watching the conservative, protestant church evolve quickly before my eyes with the GLBT pressures driving the new interpretations of the old old story. I am 62. Live in Chehalis. Interested in all things God. So, theology is my daily bread as well as other peoples tales of religious experience. I’m also up to snuff on the bible. Primarily the NT. Who wrote it? When? Why? What books are orthonymous, which ones were forged? I have no doctrines to protect, as I’m an atheist. I hate “faith,” not people of faith. But, I also acknowledge the existence of God. The source of the evolution of matter and consciousness. Would love to chat with you (via email) if you are game. I have a lot of experience and exposure to what’s available today, in 2017, to the so-called-seeker. And, one thing more, I belong to no organizations religious or otherwise and have no gospel to offer. But conversation? Yes!
    Peter, Chehalis WA


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